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   AIDEX  Brussels 2014   12-13 of NOV.    : 

Thank you to all our visitors

Below are some photos from the 2014 exhibition

Slimane CherguiRemi

MSF CHRode KruisSol


TSF SUPPLY : A professional and experiences team.

TSF SUPPLY : takes care of sales, installation, preparation and shipping of equipment as well as the training needs of your staff.

As always our clients can count on :

- a reliable administative follow-up to all our shipments
- publishing of relevant technical documents
- our famous and usefull "guidelines"

The origin of the name TSF SUPPLY doesn’t come from the world of Telecom or “TV sans Frontières” but is a nod and a wink to Samuel MORSE, founder of wireless telegraphy (Télégraphies sans Fil) - becoming synonemous laterly with the radio of our grandparents, followed shortly after by G. Marconi in 1895 with the worlds first transmission over a distance of 1,5 Km

Having added the word “SUPPLY” : evidently radio-communication forms our  core business (and our passion), our other sectors of activity like Energy, tools and IT serve to re-inforce our prowess in our field of expertise.

Email : info@tsfsupply.be
Tel : + 32 2 344 4500
Fax : + 32 2 344 3500

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