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Power Box PB40-600

POWER BOX « PB40-600 »
Independent Power Box to supply power to electronics IT/TELECOM and lighting devices in an emergency situation

Power BoxThe PB40-600 comprises of a 12V-40A LiFePO4 battery and a 600Wc inverter.

Available options : solar kit and twice the power.

The PowerBox meets the demand of energy on the field, to be used inside a tent for instance, where the electric supply from the city or a generator are present, but not reliable.
The "Solar charge" option is possible when there is really no 230Vac mains voltage. 

• If it is present, the 230 Vac mains voltage (city or generator) is stabilized by the PowerBox and supplies 2500w.

This signal charges the battery.

• Where there is no mains voltage : 420w are available.

This allows the use of some office eqipment for a couple of hours, or more if a solar kit simultaneouslycharges the system.
(Those are minial values : it is always possible to adapt the PowerBox to higher requirements).

And also :

  • Packed with grounding, along with the 230Vac connexion cable to a generator,
  • Easy and clear operation, fully automatic,
  • option : foldable flexible solar panels,
  • option : 2 points LED lighting array, to be used inside or outside, for a 45 m2 tent,
  • "All in 1"  ; easy to identify ; easy to store ; easy to deploy.

Download the specifications (English/French)


Vue latérale sans câbles Vue latérale avec câbles connectés Vue latérale - Drain Vue générale avec panneaux solaires
AC/in & Out Connexions and Solar charge Sid view : Drain Option : 180 W
solar charge kit