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TSF SUPPLY : 26 years of professional radiocommunications - Installation - Training !

Warning ! We know that some usurp the name of TSF Supply, copy entire pages of the site. We remind you that TSF Supply has no branch or commercial representation outside of Belgium. The only contact details are:

TSF Supply
Avenue Général Eisenhower, 28
1030 Bruxelles
Tél : +32 (2) 344 45 00 / Fax :+32 (2) 344 35 00
Skype : lucvanackerkadi


AIDEX Brussels 2019  W13 & Th14 of november. 

stand F15


Thank you to all our visitors at Aidex 2018


 Technical training / Studer

Ingénieur TSF Supply StuderRemise diplome TSF Supply Studer


TSF SUPPLY : A professional and experiences team.

TSF SUPPLY : takes care of sales, installation, preparation and shipping of equipment as well as the training needs of your staff.

As always our clients can count on :

- a reliable administative follow-up to all our shipments
- publishing of relevant technical documents
- our famous and usefull "guidelines"



The origin of the name TSF SUPPLY doesn’t come from the world of Telecom or “TV sans Frontières” but is a nod and a wink to Samuel MORSE, founder of wireless telegraphy (Télégraphies sans Fil) - becoming synonemous laterly with the radio of our grandparents, followed shortly after by G. Marconi in 1895 with the worlds first transmission over a distance of 1,5 Km

Having added the word “SUPPLY” : evidently radio-communication forms our  core business (and our passion), our other sectors of activity like Energy, tools and IT serve to re-inforce our prowess in our field of expertise.TENDER APPEL D'OFFRE

Email : info@tsfsupply.be
Tel : + 32 2 344 4500
Fax : + 32 2 344 3500

Skype : lucvanackerkadi

TSF Supply has no branch or commercial representation outside Belgium. The only contact details are those listed on this page.

From the airport :
  • Taxi (between 20 and 45' - price about 35€)

  • Direct train (station under the airport), stop at ''gare du Nord'', then tram 25 - Direction ''Gare de Boondael'', stop at ''Bienfaiteurs''. Duration : 45'

From Brussels / Gare du Midi (Thalys)
  • Tram 2 or 3 to Gare du Nord then : Tram 25 - Direction ''Gare de Boondael'', stop at ''Bienfaiteurs''.

TSF Supply srl
Av Eisenhower 28
1030 Brussels - Belgium