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DC-DC converter

Installing a 12Vdc unit in a lorry/truck requires some consideration concerning voltages. In effect if a portable telephone, Laptop PC or otherwise a Thuraya phone can be connected directly to a 12Vdc cigar lighter socket. However it is not the same for HF - VHF - UHF transceivers which need to take their power directly from a main bus bar because of the higher currents involved.

In a 24Vdc vehicle this means using a DC - DC converter to obtain the 12Vdc without damaging the batteries. These units are shown below..


v1 12 03 22

A DC - DC converter generates a constant 12Vdc output even if the input voltage is higher or lower than that : for example from a 24Vdc (lorry/truck) to 12Vdc. There are many such products on the marketplace and you can find them in almost all motorway service stations but very few are reliable or offer low internal power consumption.

For a permanently connected installation we recommend two models of converter :

Art. Code  CONV24-12/8      24V -12V for a continuous load of 12Amps

 with a peak current of 18A  ( for a VHF radio)

Art. Code  CONV24 -12/30   24V -12V for a continuous load of 24Amps

 with a peak current of 30A  ( for HF radios)