TSF Supply


oct 2019

ICOM (HF-VHF-UHF professionnal, marine, airband radio factory) launches a brand new, innovative equipment : the ICOM SAT100, a unit bringing together the advantages of the radiocommunication and those of the IRIDIUM satellite network.

Cet équipement permet d’établir en temps réel et dans le monde entier des communications individuelles ou de groupe, par simple appui sur un classique bouton radio "PTT" (Push-To -Talk identique à celui des talky-walky).

Unlike satellite phones, IC-SAT100 users can immediately start talking to all the radios in the same talkgroup, with just a push of the transmit (PTT) button.

 Technically speaking :


- provides IP67 waterproofing (1 m depth of water for 30 minutes) and dust-tight protection

- The radio also meets MIL-STD 810G specifications, making it ideal for use in harsh outdoor environments.

- The operating temperature range is from –30° C to +60°C (–22 °F to 140 °F).


Its autonomy is more than 14 hours with the BP280 battery ! It gives it more autonomy than the IRIDIUM 9575 Extreme, for inst.


Communication fees :

• The system doesn't work with SIM cards, but with an access automatically activated by IRIDIUM.

• The tarification is split in two :

1. A monthly flat fee granting access to the service  (Airtime fee) variable according the subscription plan (3 months or 12 months)

2. Communication fees are typically charged at a flat rate through a monthly plan, and differ, depending on the coverage area and the number of Talkgroups.


More infos :  IC-SAT100