TSF Supply

Protection of the installations

We offer a wide range of products and solutions aimed principally at electronic equipment applications (office, medical & telecommunications) for use in difficult and hostile environments.


TSF SUPPLY supplys all the materials needed for the electrification of a site.

Two approaches are possible : from research to implementation, or simply the supply of the materials.



After evaluating the needs and requirements including taking into account the local context (type of mains supply, generator,..) we undertake the technical study (compliant with electrical safety standards) with the intention of producing a case study or a quotation.

Our “à la carte” services include the supply, delivery, installation and on-site technical training.

Our proposed solutions can guarantee a stable mains supply where the local supply is not constant (as in the case of a hospital where it takes 10 minutes for the back-up generator to come on-line), or alternatively to produce a stablised mains supply from photovoltaic solar energy (12, 24 or 48Vdc systems).

It goes without saying that our systems conform to the local electrical standards, also in voltage and line frequency (230Vac, 110Vac, 50Hz et 60 Hz) and our connectors are chosen to suit accordingly.


Generation of 230Vac from our solar kits, stabilisation & regulation of supply, ruggedised chargers and inverters.

♦ TSF SUPPLY covers all your needs from a few watts to +/- 15KW, single or multi-phase.

♦ TSF SUPPLY works with the best manufacturers (STUDER, VICTRON etc.) and has developed several applications in response to particular needs (precision stabilisers for supplying medical equipment, long duration UPS for server back-up etc.).

We also offer pre-cabled kits or factory standard of solar panels, regulators, 12V economy lighting (or 230 Vac) either for fixed use or portable.

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