TSF Supply


MP3 manpack : the best combination of price / quality in the market for HF portable radios.     v1.0

Designed by TSF Supply, MP3 Manpack allows fully portable and effective HF-VHF-UHF radio communications including compatible 4 digit selective calling (Selcall).

Often carried by motor bike as well as used on water (boat / barge), our MP3 MANPACK knows no limits.

Supplied with a comfortable rucksack it is ready to use for emergencies (natural catastrophies, conflict zones...) or as a portable field station.

MP3 MANPACK has proved itself in many different situations throughout Africa. Without being “waterproof” it can stand rough handling (carried by bike) evan if the unit is intended for use when stationary.

We`ve sacrificed nothing in this compact “small is beautiful” unit ; ease of use was our main guideline during the design of the MP3 MANPACK

Its standard antenna connectors and its red rucksack makes the MP3 MANPACK ideal for civilian use.

Although we supply a standard complete and operational package, MP3 MANPACK can be also customised to your particular specifications.

Our standard full package (code MP3-01) weighs 11,5Kg in its rucksack. It is comprised of :

     1x  HF - VHF- UHF transceiver with fully automatic antenna tuner
                                    - power      : 30W ( max. on standard bands)
                                    - fully detachable front panel
                                    - frequencies :  1,8-30 Mhz SSB-AM +133-174 Mhz +CTCSS DCS+   400-470 Mhz +CTCSS DCS

     1x “Quickly deployed”, long HF antenna,

     1x Telescopic VHF - UHF antenna,

     1x  LiFePO4 battery, 12V  12Ah, removeable from its battery pack,

     1x Red rucksack to keep everything safely packed,

Other included features :

1.  “Quick use” mode : immediately transmit a displayed frequency (without having to access memory),

2.  Test to condition of the battery (level of charge) with three state indication,

3.  DC : protection against accidental polarity inversion and overvoltage (resettable circuit breaker),

4.  External charger runs off  110 - 230 Vac supply,

5.  Bright LED gooseneck lamp / spotlight,

6.  Space in battery compartement for a second (optional) 12V 12Ah battery,

7.  Batteries switching function / no need to acced to the battery pack.

8.  Simultaneous charge of the two batteries. Possibility to charge a battery extracted from the battery pack.

9.  The possibility to connect MP3 to an external existing HF, VHF or UHF antenna,

Optional Items :

- Second 12V - 12Ah battery LiFePO4 ( +1,65Kg),

- Flexible 11W solar panel ( +0,55 Kg)   or 62W version ( +1,4Kg),

- DC power cable for connection to an external car battery,

- DC power supply cable (12V cigar lighter) to supply laptop, camera, Satcom etc...