TSF Supply

Charger, inverter & COMBI ( charger - inverter)

The following products are available for office as wel as telecoms applications. We supply only those products which have proved themselves in the field !

Chargers with capacities from 15A upto 140A, for 12V -24V or 48V systems,

Inverters with power ratings on 230Vac from 150 upto 8000W,

Combi units, for office back-up inverters ( computer and server protection),

All the above are available in 110Vac,  50 or 60 Hz or MIXED 110 / 230Vac, 


TSF SUPPLY is an   STUDER  Technical Accredited Center                           v 12 0321

1.  CHARGERS  ( only) :                                                                                                                                                          (Item code : MBC1215P)

• There are many different types of charger available in the marketplace.

We confine ourselves to automatic battery chargers, or regulated chargers suited to SOLAR batteries or GEL/ADM.

The product shown here isn’t our "entry level range" but represents the most typical for “Export” applications :                                                                                                                                                       

     - 12V / 15A,

     - completely automatic,  100% free maintenance,

     - IP65 compliant (no ventilation, noisless, no holes),

     - functions from 110Vac to 260Vac, over a working temperature range of -25°C upto +50°C,

     - its efficiency is greater than 85%,


• Individual charger 220Vac et 12Vdc w/o cigar ligther plug, for AA AAA C & D ( R3, R6, R16 et R20) sizes.


2. INVERTER ( only)  :

We offer a range of different products from different manufacturers like VICTRON, cover the range 150W upto 4000W in 12Vdc / 24Vdc and 45Vdc versions. Some are available in 110Vac versions and in lower powers with connection to cigar lighter outlets.



signifies that the ouput waveform produced by the inverter is close to a pur sine wave (like that of a normal mains distribution system). It is the only reliable way to guarantee trouble free operation of electronic equipment such as : Satcomm, IT Servers, medical equipment,  high-end custom electronics, etc...

“12Vdc / 24/ 48/:

Once an installation approaches a power of 3000W it becomes interesting to increase the DC battery voltage choice to reduce the DC cable cross-sections (hence the weight and cost).

“Watts and VA” :

In a standard installation the current is in phase with the voltage. There is no “phase shift”, then  1W = 1 VA (volt-ampere). The presence of large motors or numerous neon tubes can create a “phase-shift”. You need therefor more “VA” to get 1 watt. As it is difficult to measure phase-shift on-site base your calculations on a typical value of 0,9.  

For example the equipment (TV, etc..) consumes 500 W (shown of the product label)
                                                                                                 >>   Choose an inverter of   500 / 0,9   =   560 VA.


Our latest models are as follows / the other models complete this list

  12Vdc    NON SINUSOIDAL : 150W - 300W for basic applications like lighting, etc..

  12Vdc    SINUSOIDAL :

                                      200VA Sine + 10A solar regulator

                                      300VA - 350VA

                                      500VA  IP30


                                      750VA  IP20

                                    1000VA  ( 800VA continues)




   24Vdc      SINUS        300VA

   48Vdc      SINUS      2300VA




These machines automatically look after two functions :

         - When mains voltage is present    :    charge the battery(ies),

         - When mains voltage is absent (or outside tolerance) : produce a sinusoidal 230Vac supply,   

                     (that is to say for IT equipment and medical electronis for example)


Combi’s offered aren’t neccessarily suited to all uses. You have to be aware of the following points :

            1.     The quality of the AC output produced,

            2.     The speed of switchover at the moment the mains supply disappears.

            3.     EMI interference generated by the inverter can be disruptive to nearby
                    electronic equipment (PC, telecom or medical equipment etc.)


Hereunder are the specifications of our most popular ranges :


           DC    DC           Power AC  230Vac  :                                                                       Power  Inverter-Charger “XTM >>

           volt   Amp.       


           12V  45A            1100W continues       1400W / 30 minutes    see 1)

           48V    30A          2000W continues       2600W / 30 minutes    see 2)

           12V  160A          2500W continues       3000W / 30 minutes 

           24V    90A          3000W continues       3500W / 30 minutes   see 2)

           24V  140A          4500W continues       5000W / 30 minutes   see 2)

           48V  120A          7000W continues       8000W / 30 minutes   see 2)


                                   Charger-Inverter “XTM” series                                   

                                   “configurable as 3 phase groups :                                                                    Detail from display of REMOTE CONTROL RCC-03 :




                                                                             Protection by RAPID BLOW external fuse.Here : 200A type BF2.


    1) Also available with a 30A solar regulator integrated.

    2) The new 2010 “XTH” generation allows a configuration of up to 3 identical units in parallel, or as 3 phase, and control of   

        parameters by remote control.