TSF Supply

Solar power production and lighting

TSF Supply offers a range of photovoltaic solar kits, with or without batteries, as a package or sold as separate elements.

Generating with solar energy is silent, clean and doesn’t require any maintenance or consumeables.

We offer solutions of all sizes and powers : from individual solutions (recharging laptop, MP3 etc) up to installations for hospital lighting or for backing up an IT network.

Since 2011, we also offer an outside lighting kit : SECU-LIGHT aimed at safety lighting for access points, parking etc.

        NEW : 

Also take a look below at our EXPLO-KIT suitcase which allows you to work autonemously for your 230 Vac requirement during your mission.

A.   Generation of photvoltaic electricity :


A.1  Solar Panel regulators available from stock

        12Vdc / 24Vdc / 48Vdc Systems

      85W rigid panels available (others upon request)Panneau rigide






    Flexible panels in 11W, 25W and 62W (others available upon request) :

           souple 25w             Souple 11wsouple 25w


     STECA regulators , from 8A up to 40A :



 GEL BATTERIES  : Types in stock : 12V 85Ah  /  129Ah and 166Ah, Other capacities available upon request.

      +   Accompanying electric items : reels of AC and DC cables, distribution boxes, cable fixing and earthing kits.

      +   Toolboxes for field electricians.



A.2        STANDARD 12 Vdc SOLAR KITS (everything pre-cabled) : 85W - 170W - 250W -  with or without batteries.

Kit standardStandard kit see ajoining photo of a 170W version. These kits are delivered pre-assembled.

The supplied labeling and precautions avoid damage from accidental polarity inversion


Wooden “Export” box, robust allowing 85W or 170W kits to be delivered complete (without batteries).  With handles.




We also supply as options :

a) MOUNTING SYSTEM , of our own conception allowing simple and quick installation of the assembly (on wood, concrete, roof tiles etc) thanks to the comprehensive ironmongery included. 


    • EASE of USE : all the nuts are pre-mounted and depend upon one sole element : a 6mm butterfly screw ! !

    • Only one bolt of 8mm requires a 10mm spanner (which is supplied)

     • Everything is accompanied by a schematic mounting document (extract attached)

     Code : SOLPREP03    “mounting kit for two panels”




The 85W MODULAR KIT as initially installed can be later reconfigured by adding 1 or 2 panels more so that it can deliver a total power of  255W per hour.

All this without modifying the existing base installation !

The use of MC3 connectors allows quick and error-free hook up. The connectors are placed in a waterproof box as shown in the adjoining illustration.
Code : SOLPREP01    “MODULAR cabling”



A.4   “EXPLO KIT” suitcase :

Especially adapted for Exploration Missions :

Carry with you the following     - availability of 230Vac energy

                                                 - charging the light battery by flexible solar panel.

                                                - power your laptop, Thuraya, gsm, camera etc...

Become autonemous in 230Vac everywhere, all day long !





B.   LIGHTING   AC and DC :

From a simple 12V economy bulb to a full SECURITY lighting system base on LED spots for lighting a compound at night fall.

All the accessories “item by item” : economy bulbs, sockets, cables, fixing, extension leads, LED spotlights.

+ Our “SECU-LIGHT” KIT   (see below)

B.1   Individual portable lighting :

The excellent model SL 48 of BP solar is no longer available. We supply a similar system based on Flexible solar panels.

Valise néon solaire

  We propose a SET comprising a flexible 11W panel, connected (keyed 

  connector) up to 3x ELIX lamp includes it own internal battery.

   ( code : TSFLIGHT-48)




B.2  Place lighting  (house, office, compound,..)

- In the form of a KIT or separate items.

- Research of your projects : mixed power supply  town - generators - solar customised to your exact needs.


             SECU-LIGHT lighting KIT     :                                                                                                10  x

Designed for securing points of access, parking, other spaces, compound, our SECU-LIGHT lighting kit

includes a total of 10 x LED spotlights 12W IP65, enough cable for 100m, and all the accessories needed

for installation.

This kit is sold in MODULAR form (prepared plug and play) ready-to-go.




- DC 12Vdc LIGHT NEONS :    1 or 2 NEONS 8w , with switch. Reglette néon 8w

This is an low cost product and the "float" light is not convenient for a permanent in office use.


- PORTABLE LED LAMP, on 12Vdc or 230Vac, useful also for the workshop or african TOUKOUL.



- BULBS : We can supply incandescent LAMPS but we prefer to supply low consumption flourescent lamps. Shown right : a 11W Flourescent Lamp ( equivalent to 60W filament incandescent)

                                                                                                                Also in 12V DV





                                                                                                               E27 screw fitting, 230Vac    



Technical Specifications :

frigoLow power refridgerator 128L + 12L freezer. External size 55cm x 60 x 85 / Internal size 47cm x 43 x 69  packaged : 45kg / 0.03m3.








D. Domestic batteries and chargers :


  Batteries, all types R03 AAA/ R6 AA/ R14 C / R20D. Chargeur 12Vdc


  AC & DC chargers with cigar-lighter plug.


Piles rechargeables