TSF Supply

Regulation and cut off protection

A reliable range of "easy to use" Voltage regulators 230 or 110Vac.

           To protection your domestic as well professional electronics ( home, office,..), from 0,5Kw up to 8Kw, and more..             maj 120320

1. Regulation only (without Cut-Off ) : 

These are also mass produced products which regulate the output for input variations between two values (outside of which the output is no longer regulated). This type of product is the minimal protection you can offer your IT equipment in situations where the mains supply is unstable.

                    Main voltage  Range :                                   Output voltage :

                    160Vac <> 250Vac                                        230Vac @ 8%                 50-60Hz
                      80Vac <> 130Vac                                        110Vac                            50-60Hz
                     • Réaction time :   standard : 1,5 sec.  4 sec max.

                                                      Code                    Power
                                                      REGUL0500          500 VA
                                                      REGUL1000        1000 VA
                                                      REGUL3000        3000 VA
                                                      More powerfull unit also available on request. Up to 8000 VA.


2.   With CUT OFF   but no REGULATION

SOLLATEK module, electronic controlled. This lightweight and easy to use unit protects your electronic office equipment by cutting the mains supply should the mains voltage go outside of the range 185 -260 Vac.
The duration of this power cut is controlled by a time delay after which the AVS tests the mains supply to see if it has returned to a value between 185 - 260Vac. If so, the AVS switches back on its output. AVS 13  The duration of this delay is adjusted simply by a trimmer on the AVS front.

AVS modules DO NOT stabilise the output voltage to 230Vac. That is to say that any input voltage between 185 -260Vac is directly passed to the output.

AVS modules are not intended for use in “Heavy” applications (machines, etc.).

AVS modules are mass production items and cannot supply maximum power indefinitely. You therefor must apply a safety margin of approx. 30%. For example the 13A version would be good for approx. 9A continuous use.

TSF SUPPLY supplys the whole AVS range as a factory version (with UK or US plugs and sockets) as well as a European version (Shuko FR with central earth pin) and a multiway extension on the output.

AVS modules exist in 13A (AVS13), 15A (AVS15) and 30A (AVS30) versions.
                                   AVS15 model :

Micro controlled 230V 15A   50/60 Hz voltage regulator.
Reconnection time / user selectable / 0-3 min.
Over voltage disc. : 265 Vac
Under voltage disc.  : 185 Vac
Current : 15A.
UK plugs


3 . REGULATION + Cut-Off  protection :   The STAB3000.

Our TSF SUPPLY designed "STAB3000" fits applications where both protection and regulation of mains voltage are required. The additional electronics incorporated by TSF SUPPLY allows the advantage of simultaneously regulating the output voltage close to 230 Vac while providing protection should the input voltage drop outside of the 185 - 260 Vac range.

Should it drop outside of this range the unit automatically disconnects the load for protection. The loads will be connected back automatically when the unit detects a voltage value between 185-260Vac.

Voltage regulation is achieved by a relay switched autotransformer system.

  • Usefull for more intensive applications.
  • Effective protection for connected equipment.
  • Not convenient on network with voltage value very close of 165 or 265Vac.

                 Operating Power :                    3000W
                 Output voltage regulation         +/-8% (eg. 211-248 Vac) with an input supply between 185 - 265Vac.
                 Output sockets                         As a standard, Schuko French types grounded. UK sockets also available.
                 AC Input plug is                        Schuko type, French types grounded. UK sockets also available.
                 Earthed case.
                 Manual re-settable overload switch on front panel.

                 Not waterproof equipment.

                 Order code : STAB3000v2