TSF Supply

General technical information

We tried to summarize on this page various useful technical information. Some documents were simply gathered from the web.

1° IP table / Ingress or International Protection marking "against dust and water",

2° Electrical plugs : illustration of the standards, with and without earthing (grounding),

3° RADIO : the various connectors and adapters used in radiocommunication. 

1°  IP Table ( International Protection marking )



2°  Various types of electrical plugs, for a quick identification.


                             Types de prises électriques selon le pays 




3°        RADIO :  frequently used connectors and coaxial adapters

                CONNECTORS :  two types of fixation of the cable to the connector : to be soldered or to be crimped on the coax cable. Prefer the "to be soldered" type.

Connecteur BNC mâle Connecteur PL259 pour câble RG58 Connecteur PL259 pour câble RG213 Connecteur N mâle pour RG58 ou RG213
BNC male PL259 ( ou "UHF") PL259 ( ou "UHF")  N male
pour câble RG58* pour câble RG58 pour câble RG213* pour câble RG58 ou RG213

                                                                                          (  *RG58 : diamètre 6mm -  RG213 : diamètre 11mm)



              ADAPTATERS :  from a PL/BNC/N to another or from MALE to FEMALE and vice versa.


                              Adaptateur PL Fem - BNC Mâle                Adaptateur BNC Femelle - PL Mâle               Adaptateur PL femelle - PL femelle               Adaptateur N mâle - PL femelle

                              PLfem <> BNCmale                  The opposite :                           PLfem <> PLfem                     Nmale <> PLfem.

                                                                            BNCfem <> PLmale           ( to connect two extensions

                                                                                                                             end to end for inst.)


                           The adapters hereunder allow for the connection of a coaxial input (BNC) or a SWRMeter to the antenna output of a 2-way radio.

                           If the coaxial input is PL (male) , you put two adapters one after the other : (PLfem /BNCmale ) then  ( (BNCfem         

                             to Icom or Motorola), according to the equipment model.

                                                                                        ICOM                                MOTOROLA