TSF Supply

TSFSup : Telescopic Mast Module

Our MULTI-USE mast is simple to install and suitable for permanet installations as well as for emergency placements. The following configurations are possible :

  • Mounting of aerials VHF-UHF antennas, omni-directional and directional (rotating beam, yagi arrays etc)
  • Mounting of HF light antennas, folded dipoles, 2-3 element beam up to 18MHz and vertically polarised whips
  • Mounting of satelite antennas : Inmarsat, TV, GPS, parabolic dishes,.....
  • Mounting of WiFi distribution/ relay antennas
  • Support of site illumination flood lights
  • Mounting of light wind turbines and pumps
  • Support of solar panel arrays
  • Use as flag pole for clear identification of organisation
  • Central fixing post for tarporlins, and shelters
  • High mounting post for meteorlogical guages & sensors

Description :

The mast in comprised of concentric heavy guage aluminium tubes with a total length of 12.5 meters (41 feet). All necessary tools for a standard installation are included in the kit as well as the guy ropes and tethering pegs.

Each of the four segments of 3 meters length can be stowed inside each other. The outside diameter of the base tube is 8cm, the outside diameter of the top tube is 5.2cm. When assembled each tube is secured with a stainless steel cross bolt.

The mast can be installed by two persons in about one hour.

The base is tiltable and is made of a 20 x 20cm plate that can be fixed into a cement foundation (or wood) using the accessories supplied.

The guy ropes supplied are made up of 12 x 25m (4mm dia.) UV resistant cords with a breaking strain of more than 100 Kg. The 3 galvanised tethering pegs are placed around the mast at 120 degree intervals on approx. 6m radials. The guy ropes are fixed at each tube section (at 3-6-9-12m) using the section cross bolts. Hence three guy ropes at each of four levels.

The cross beam is a 1.5m horizontal tube mounted on the top section of the mast for fixing the antennas. Its sturdy construction and integral pulleys allows the easy hoisting of HF wires antennas once the mast has been erected. Other types of antennas are pre-assembled onto the cross beam PRIOR to the erection of the mast. The cables are tethered to the outside mast. A thirteenth cord allows retrieval of the up-going cable in the pulley.

Packing :

The whole kit is deliverd in a re-inforced, double ply corrugated cardboad case splash proof resistant during shipping. Wooden “palette type” supports keep the case from contact with the ground.

Total packaged weight : 58 Kg - 128 Pounds

Packing size including supports = 323 x 25.5 x 36cm
Mat téléscopique 12m

The mast with differents possibilities
Mast module, ready to export shipment